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Other Books 

Courtney also writes stand-alone stories for children, middle grades, and adults.

Adult Novels/Short Stories
Shell's Amazing App by Courtney Williamson Milford

When the Brightons move into Shackledown, the 150-year-old plantation house, located in a former citrus grove, they weren't sure what to expect. Mary Helen, the mother, fell in love with the house. Her husband, Steve, wasn’t so sure, but went along with her plan to renovate it. It seemed like the perfect place for their daughter, Casey: close to good schools, with a big yard, and three stories to explore. “It’s been through a lot of owners,” their realtor warned them. “The last people up and left it to the bank. They didn’t even bother taking most of their belongings with them.” About a month after they moved in, on December 20, Casey's 8th birthday, they found out why this was. A former daughter of the house, long-dead 15-year-old Maxine Shackleford, came to haunt the third-story bedroom. “Don’t go up there. Ever,” Steve warned his family after going upstairs to investigate unusual noises. Not only did Maxine move in, but she attracted birds, and they flocked outside her window, which she decorated with black streamers and a black silk wreath. A story of hope, betrayal, abuse of power, and understanding set against the backdrop of the grand old home, it’s southern gothic with combined with modern day humor, and more than a touch of magic.

Shell's Amazing App by Courtney Williamson Milford

This is a short story/novella (about 15,000 words).

Welcome to The Dish (as in a Petri dish): Five teen-aged girls wake up to find they are unwilling participants in an experiment. Each has been injected with a DNA-modifying subject that will grant her a power. According to The Voice, who advises them that questions are not allowed, and that any girl whose family contacts the police or refuses to sign a waiver saying they will not sue will be "eliminated."

The goal is for each girl to learn a truth about herself. As the experiment proceeds, the girls realize that they are in the clutches of an insane man, and must escape.

Middle Grade
Shell's Amazing App by Courtney Williamson Milford

Sixth grader Shell Bailey, an aspiring writer, has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA). This does not stop her from having a busy life writing for the school web site, acting in the school play, and working as a professional model. She wants to gain travel experience that will enhance her writing, but sometimes she is held back due to health issues. When her mom puts her in a summer coding camp, she writes an app called "Pathway" that allows her to technoport anywhere she wants, including into her own stories. Shell's confidence is strong, but her family and her best/boy friend Tommy help her understand that sometimes she has to put limits on her adventures.

Christmas Tree Acres by Courtney Williamson Milford

11 year old Cranberry Wilkes runs away from a dangerous foster care situation. With the help of her friend Hammer, she survives homeless for about a week. Circumstances change and she is placed with grandmotherly Gracie Sullivan. Living at Christmas Tree Acres, a retired Christmas tree farm, Gracie re-learns to trust adults and regains her ability to hope for happiness.

Children's Books
JJ Super Rabbit by Courtney Williamson Milford

Second grader Jackson James has always wondered why his mom calls him "Rabbit." When he learns that it's because he was born with such big feet, he wonders if maybe he has powers - special rabbit powers. With a little imagination, he taps into his alter ego, J. J. Super Rabbit, and saves his neighbor and her weiner dog.

Evangeline and Lambie by Courtney Williamson Milford

Evangeline and Lambie are Rescue Friends. One day they save the family chickens from an interloping crow and surprise Mama in the process.

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