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Tales of Bark Story Land Children's Book Series

Tale of Bark Story Land is a series of picture books for children aged four through eight. All of the characters are talking animals, mostly dogs, cats, and rabbits, but others as well. The books have themes (dealing with fear, honoring veterans, meeting a birth parent, embracing different body types. etc.).

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The Books

Fluffy and Dot Cover

Fluffy and Dot, Tales of Bark Story Land 

Book #1

Fluffy is a very timid puppy. When his uncle Ben, an army dog, is deployed, his cousin Dot comes to stay. She is nervous about attending a new school, and Fluffy finds he is able to overcome his fear of almost everything to help her make friends and feel settled.

Mais Oi and the Yellow Rabbit Cover

Mais Oui and the Yellow Rabbit, Tales of Bark Story Land 

Book #2

Mais Oui, a white poodle, lives with her family in Bark Story Land. When Lemondrop, a yellow rabbit from her class at school, falls in love with her, Mais Oui's father does not know what to think. Through perseverance, Lemondrop is accepted by Mais Oui's family, not as her husband, as they are in grade school, but as a special friend

The Christmas Extravaganza Cover

Bratwurst, a little black dachshund, is sad because his dad is an army dog and won't be home to help him plan the annual Bark Story Land Christmas Extravaganza. Then he gets some good news, and learns that thinking about others is one of the best parts of Christmas.

The Christmas Extravaganza, Tales of Bark Story Land 

Book #3

Fluffy and the Bully Cover
Fluffy and the Bully, Tales of Bark Story Land
Book #4

Fluffy encounters a bully at school,  the new puppy named Shady. With the help of his dad, Sheriff Caramel, he learns how to stand up for himself and his friends.

Fluffy Plays Soccer Cover
Fluffy Plays Soccer, Tales of Bark Story Land
Book #5

Fluffy is a small puppy, and when his dad signs him up for soccer, he is afraid. His anxiety level rises when he has to be the goalie during his first game. With the help of his teammates, Fluffy learns that if he tries his best, he can succeed, and that being on a team is fun!

Frothy and the Flower Monsters.jpg

Frothy and the Flower Monsters, Tales of Bark Story Land,

Book #6

When Flower Monsters get into Frothy's mother's ears, Frothy seeks help from her cousin and best friend, Coconut. Together, they find a way to turn the Flower Monsters into Flower Friends, freeing Frothy's mother from a lifetime of self-absorption. 

Casey and the Cat Mama Cover

When Casey's siblings start training to be guide dogs, Casey realizes he is different. His parents confess that they adopted him at the hospital from a cat mama who was too sick to care for him, although she loved him very much. He is shocked, but accepting, and his family takes him to meet his birth mother. She is thrilled, but she is still sick, and has lost her sight. He is able to help her as a guide cat, while still living with his adoptive family.

Casey and the Cat Mama, Tales of Bark Story Land
Book #7
Dot and the Nutrition Club Cover
Dot and the Nutrition Club, Tales of Bark Story Land
Book #8

Poor Dot learns that she does not fit into the numbers on the school nurse's weight chart. When her Aunt Darling learns that Dot has been put in the school's "Nutrition Club," she sends her husband, Officer Caramel, down to the school to investigate. Soon enough, the Nutrition Club becomes the Cardio Club, and all animal children are welcome to join, regardless of body type.

Chili and the Christmas Chihuahua Cover
Chilli and the Christmas Chihuahuas, ​Tales of Bark Story Land Book #9

Chilli and her fellow Chihuahuas are in charge of keeping the snow wolves, who spy on Santa's toy makers, away from his village. The ones they catch go right into the slammer until, one day, Santa objects, saying "This won't do at all." Chilli is puzzled by Santa's softhearted stance until she comes to a realization: the snow wolves are spying because they want to learn to make toys for their wolf pups, as Santa never delivers to their dens. When Chilli shares this with Santa, he decides to make Chilli and her fellow Christmas Chihuahuas into Christmas ambassadors. They go live on international satellite television and sing a song, telling everyone Christmas is about sharing and friendship and, most of all, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. On Christmas morning, the Chihuahuas enjoy breakfast and a chew toy gift exchange with the snow wolf families.

Chili and the Christmas Chihuahua Cover
The Halloweener Ducks, Tales of Bark Story Land
Book #10

Due to a misunderstanding, The Halloweener Ducks get into Bark Story Land's traditionally all dogs annual Halloween talent show. "Sorry, kids, but this has always been a dog show," the club manager tells them, sending them away. When Grandpa Quacks hears about this, he ruffles a few feathers,  and the Halloweener Ducks are in. This story teaches children about the importance of inclusiveness.

Chili and the Christmas Chihuahua Cover
Starla the Narwhalasus, Tales of Bark Story Land
Book #11

When the Horns, a family of Narwhalasi, come to Bark Story Land, Princess the miniature pony acts up. She's jealous of the attention the "new girl" is getting at school, so she is mean to Starla.

"I think you're part of a family of monsters," she tells Starla, the first Narwhalasus child to attend Bark Story Land Elementary. This hurts Starla's feelings, but when Princess' mother signs her daughter up for the new synchronized swimming team, coached by Starla's mom, the girls learn to get along.

The Easter Chicken.jpg

The Easter Chicken, Tales of Bark Story Land

Book # 12

Poor Scratches began her life as a beloved Easter chick in a child's basket, but, once she grew into a hen, she was tossed out to fend for herself. Lemondrop, the yellow rabbit, finds her, and bring her to his friend, Mais Oui's house, where Scratches finds love and shelter. Together, Lemondrop and Mais Out educate everyone in Bark Story Land about the importance of treating discarded holiday pets, including not only chicks, but bunnies, puppies, and kittens, with kindness.

Sunny Pug's New Friend.jpg
Sunny Pug's New Friend, Tales of Bark Story Land
Book #13

Sunny Pug is delighted to make a new friend, Zilla the hedgehog. But when they find out that Zilla may not have a home to go to, the Pugs step in to help Zilla and her mom. 

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