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The Stone Bearers' Trilogy, Book 1: The Robin's Egg Stone

Faith was raised on a baby farm outside London, England in the late 1800s. A baby farm is where people who have children out of wedlock, or in illicit entanglements, send the children to live, to learn how to be "in service" at the homes of aristocrats. Faith's mother, Blanche, had been raped by her brother, Aaron, who subsequently died, and, to hide her mother's shame, when Faith was born, she was sent to the Brigitt's Baby Farm. On the farm, she learns how to take care of childen, and serve in an upper class home. She is abruptly told she is leaving for Rockglass Manor, at about 17 years old, and learns that these "odd" people are her relatives that she never knew she had. Paranormal elements abound, as well as interesting situations and characters, including Jack, who had been her best friend at the farm, who shows up at Rockglass Manor to protect her. Faith has a protective stone, the Robin's Egg Stone, that she found, which guides her to make proper decisions, and some of the other family members have similar stones or other talismans. Murder, intrigue and paranormal abilities keep the reader glued to the pages till the book is finished!

Great News! The first book in this trilogy, The Robin's Egg Stone is now available on audio book! If you have audible already, that's terrific. If not, here's the link to The Robin's Egg Stone audio book, with a free trial of audible. Take a listen, the narrator has a fantastic voice! You'll get introduced to Faith, Bernie, Margaret, and all the others who live in this story.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…


The Stone Bearers' Trilogy, Book 2:

The Olive Pendant

 The family saga continues at Rockglass Manor. As she recovers from that fateful evening at the now-deceased Phin Black's house in Whitechapel, Faith prepares to wed her beloved Jack, although she lacks a ring, as of yet. Her cousin Margaret likes to inquire about this as much as the elder of Faith’s two half-sisters, Enid, loves to ask when Faith will, again, become the "lady of the house."

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